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Scott point structure plan and plan variation

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Clark Road Landowners’ Group


Multidisciplinary inputs to the development of a structure plan and associated rezoning process.


  • Overall project management
  • Urban design
  • Landscape architecture
  • Planning
  • Land development engineering
  • Stormwater engineering
  • Wastewater and potable water engineering
  • Surveying

Project Completion

2015 (plan variation and structure plan)

Ongoing (implementation of the plan variation)

Total project value

$400 million (approximately)

Scott Point’s coastal location on Hobsonville Peninsula and close proximity to Auckland created strong potential for future urban growth. But there were challenges to be overcome. As well as over 150 hectares of rural zoned land requiring rezoning, there was complex and fragmented landownership involving 38 different owners, including Auckland Council.

Our work

By careful and thorough consultation with the 38 landowners and in collaboration with Auckland Council, we prepared a private Plan Variation request. This was one of the first Variation requests to the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan and took over a year to develop. This included a Structure Plan, demonstrating how the entire area can be urbanised in a comprehensive way and forming the backbone of the Plan Variation proposal. Using innovative planning techniques, we incorporated precinct based planning, logical distribution of housing density, sub-catchment based infrastructure planning, and development agreement for implementation purposes.

Due to the detail of our request, and the depth of our investigation, consultation and collaboration, the Panel of Independent Commissioners decided in favour of the proposal without any modification.


Our work on the Scott Point project sets the bar for design-led district planning. Providing for around 3,000 new dwellings, it has established the long-term development framework for this large greenfield area. The success of the project means that Scott Point will become urbanised five years earlier than anticipated. It means that the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan is considered the operative plan for the area. And it provides a unique opportunity to create a new urban development consistent with the Government’s objective to address Auckland’s housing shortage.


Supreme Practice Award: Nancy Northcroft Planning Practice Award and the Best Practice Award for District and Regional Planning, New Zealand Planning Institute’s 2016 Awards

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